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Captain David Kelly

Stock Trading, Investing & Personal Finance

Based in Dexter, Michigan, David Kelly is a retired Captain of the Michigan State Police.

In his 26 years of experience on the force, Captain Kelly served several integral roles, including Director of Technology, through which he spearheaded new initiatives, impacted meaningful changes across the department, and received several awards and accolades for his efforts. 

Upon retiring from the Michigan State Police in May 2019, former Captain David Kelly decided it was not time to step out of the workforce entirely. Instead, he pursued a new path related to his passion for technology and was named the Vice President of Public Sector Solutions & Strategy for Information Builders. Since stepping into this role, David Kelly has had the opportunity to shape a number of technological solutions that meet the needs of many professionals within the public sector, whether they work in law enforcement, for state & local governments, the federal government, or the Department of Defense. 

As a technology thought leader, former Captain David Kelly (Michigan State Police) works with other technology leaders to create innovative solutions that help the public sector achieve their strategic objectives. Furthermore, he spends a great deal of time recording his thoughts and industry-related experiences. You can find his thoughts on technology published on the Information Builders blog, and on LinkedIn.

Mentions of Captain David Kelly Online

Outside of his profession, David is also an avid stock trader and has been managing his own portfolio since 2000. Passionate about markets and trading, David has developed an avid following on StockTwits where he shares his thoughts on stocks and markets daily. David has implemented a swing trading process steeped in sound risk management principles. David studies stock market price movements and implements a combination of trend following and momentum strategies. David can be found talking about one of these strategies in a 2016 interview on low float stocks; you can find that interview here

Over the years, David has found that stock trading allows him to apply the complex problem solving and risk management skills he’s honed in his previous career in a new and profitable way. Being an avid writer, David has published numerous articles on stock market related topics at The Street, on Seeking Alpha and at Benzinga

Be sure to check out David’s personal blog, Catalysts Minus Headwinds, where he regularly shares his Stock Trading 101 strategies in an easily understood and engaging way. 

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