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While anyone can start saving for retirement as soon as they’re old enough to get a job, many people put it off until they reach their 30s or 40s. If you did get a late start on your retirement nest egg, you may not have quite enough to fully retire when you do reach 66 years of age. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few ways you can avoid having to go back to work.

Work For Longer

If you know there isn’t going to be a way to get around having to put in more work, it may be better to work for longer and retire later. That will give you the extra time to build up more earnings on the front end of your retirement so you can avoid having to return to work later. It will also give you more earnings to invest, which will mean having a bigger retirement nest egg in the future.

Repay Your Social Security Benefits

Some people begin collecting social security up to 40 months before they retire, but later regret taking those early benefits. If you’re worried that taking those early benefits have negatively impacted what you’ll receive during retirement, you can repay the benefits you have already received. You can also delay when you begin receiving benefits. However, you should be aware that, if you’re married, the delay may also be applied to your spouse.

Start a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage can benefit you throughout your retirement by limiting how much you’ll have to withdraw from your IRA. As you withdraw money from the IRA, it will be taxed along with any Social Security benefits you receive. A reverse mortgage is usually tax-free money because it’s considered an equity-based loan. This means you won’t have taxable income that will cause your Social Security benefits to also be taxed. Less taxable income will help you live longer on your retirement savings.

Even if you got a late start on saving for retirement, you can build up enough to enjoy your senior years. An investment advisor can help you analyze your retirement goals, and develop a strategy for attaining those goals. The professional help they offer can help you ensure you’ll be able to retire on time.